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Most Santa Fe, NM, homes weren’t designed specifically for air conditioning. If your house doesn’t currently have air ducts, you may want to switch to ductless air conditioning to keep your home comfortable and cool.

Lobo Tech Ductless has a team of licensed heating and air conditioning technicians who are trained to handle all models and makes of ductless mini-split systems. Whether you require ductless mini-split repair or need to service your heat pumps, we offer excellent service in Santa Fe.

Generally, mini-splits repair ensures that your system is efficient and makes things easier for you. Those who don’t require ductless repair because they don’t have one installed may choose to consider installation from our team of professionals.

Call us today and schedule an appointment for assistance. We offer free estimates for replacement or installation and can provide maintenance and repairs on current units. Rest assured that we’re here for those in Santa Fe, NM, 87507.

Why Choose Us for Your Ductless Mini-Split Needs

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to call the Lobo Tech team 505-316-4231

Signs You Require a New A/C

Ductless mini-splits are often an excellent choice for Santa Fe homes. There are many reasons to consider them, such as:

No Ductwork in the Home

This city is home to older houses that were never designed for air conditioning. Therefore, ductless mini-split systems are a suitable choice to add comfort while being cost-effective and not having to install new ductwork.

New Additions, Granny Flats, and ADUs

Ductless mini-splits are ideal when you need more cooling beyond a window or portable air conditioner. They’re quickly installed, are highly efficient, and provide more control over the temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless systems tend to operate with less power than other air conditioning units. Plus, they cool spaces that are occupied, reducing energy waste.

Customized Temperature Control

If you’ve got rooms in the house that require more temperature control, these ductless mini-splits are perfect. Just set them up with a cooling zone and adjust the temperature based on the room size and requirement.

Our services in Santa Fe, NM, are the best in the area. Heating and cooling is our expertise, so call our team today to learn more. If you need something efficient, mini-splits have what you require.

How Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Works

Ductless mini-splits have a heat pump that’s ingeniously simple to operate. It eliminates ducts altogether from your heating and cooling process. A more traditional heat pump uses a split system, so it features an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The air handler blower sends the air-conditioned air from your indoor unit, through your ductwork, and into the space that requires heating and cooling.

However, ductless heating or ductless air conditioning uses more than one air handler unit, which is mounted high on a wall so that it’s unobtrusive. They get placed in various rooms throughout the business or home.

These indoor units still get connected to the outdoor component (often called a compressor), which allows them to provide cool air or heat to each space as needed. Therefore, the system divides your home into multiple zones for more comfort, efficiency, and flexibility.

You don’t need ducts in your Santa Fe, NM, home to have cool air with ductless air conditioning. The heating and cooling come directly from the air handlers for each zone. We can also help you set up floor units or ceiling cassettes to provide even more flexibility for your heating and air conditioning needs.

Advantages of Going Ductless for Heating and Air Conditioning

Here are just some of the benefits of using a ductless system for your heating and air conditioning:

Dual-function Heating and Cooling

As with any heat pump, the ductless mini-splits work like a powerful cooling system and an energy-efficient heating system.

Reduced Energy Use

The motors in a ductless system are smarter than average heat pumps and use less power. A traditional heating and cooling system is either on all the time or off all the time. However, a ductless motor is inverter-driven. Therefore, the heat pump can slow down or speed up based on your needs.

If you only require small amounts of energy to maintain the right temperature, that’s all the system needs. Plus, there are no ducts, which prevents heat loss/gain through the ductwork. This improves energy efficiency compared to a ducted system.


Ductless mini-splits give homeowners with old homes the chance to enjoy centralized air conditioning without constructing ducts where there is no room. Plus, it’s ideal for new building projects. Many components help us design the right system for you. Those with an old gas or oil furnace can find appropriate solutions that are more efficient, as well.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Ducts often collect dust, dander, lint, and other particles. Without them, you don’t have as many allergens and pollutants in your home or office.

Zone Control

You can control each air handler in your home separately. Therefore, homeowners enjoy temperatures that fit different comfort needs for the people based on where they are located. This makes it more efficient for everyone!

How Much Does the Installation Process Cost in Santa Fe, NM?

The ductless mini-split installation price can range in Santa Fe, NM, 87507. Some people spend about $6,000, but others find that costs are closer to $20,000. Generally, the average is $12,000. However, the best way to find out is to get in touch with a trusted HVAC technician professional to help with your HVAC repair or installation process.

Cost Factors

Here are a few key factors that impact the price of your ductless mini-split installation process:

Home Size

Ductless mini-splits often feature wall-mounted heads that have air vents. You install those in different rooms of the house. If you require more rooms (cooling zones), you’re likely to spend more money on your ductless air conditioning system. In a sense, it’s not cost-effective to use a ductless system if your home needs more than four zones.

System Model

Some models and brands are more expensive than others based on their efficiency level and SEER ratings. At Lobo Tech Ductless, we’re proud to offer many options to Santa Fe, NM, residents. Regardless of your budget or needs, we have a solution.

Protect Your Investment with Preventative Care

The easiest way to extend your heating and cooling ductless systems’ lifespan is to get professional maintenance in Santa Fe, NM. During the performance and safety check-up, our trusted technicians ensure that everything operates at peak efficiency.

That can help you save money on your monthly energy bills and reduce the costly repairs you must make. For the best savings, you should have your ductless mini-splits serviced once a year or as recommended.

We can assist with scheduling reminders so that you never miss a maintenance check-up.

Need a Ductless Mini-splits Repair?

Whether you require quick repairs, a free quote on a new ductless mini-split, or seasonal maintenance, give Lobo Tech Ductless a call. We offer honest, educated advice tailored to your budget and needs.

Air conditioning in Santa Fe, NM, isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity! Let us repair your system or install a new one.

Our Service Process

Here is our service process for a ductless mini-split system in Santa Fe, NM:

Schedule a Free In-house Estimate

Do you need to install a ductless mini-split system? Smaller homes and older homes are no trouble for our technicians. Please call us or contact us online to schedule services in Santa Fe, NM. We offer no-obligation, free estimates. During the in-home visit, our experts can answer all of your questions.

Find the Right System for Your Home

Regardless of your budget or needs, our experts can help you choose the right comfort system for your home. We offer honest recommendations and never pressure you into a sale. That’s why you can trust our professionals to get a ductless mini-split in Santa Fe, NM. Heating and cooling is our job, and we take it seriously!

Let Us Install the New Ductless Air Conditioning System

Once you’ve signed off on the up-front estimate for a new ductless mini-split, we get to work and install the system for you. Most installation efforts take a day to finish, and we often get started the same day you request your in-home quote. Throughout the installation, we wear protective coverings on our shoes and use mats to ensure that your Santa Fe, NM, house stays clean.

Schedule Routine Inspections

When the ductless mini-split installation is finished, we schedule the City of Santa Fe, NM, inspection for you. These are required by law, and you want someone to check your air ducts to ensure that it meets safety and health standards and is up to code.

We Ensure Your Comfort

We value your business and know that you’ve got many Santa Fe, NM, companies to choose from. Therefore, we strive to provide you with satisfaction at all levels. If you’re unsatisfied with your ductless mini-split installation or if something goes wrong, we make it right, regardless of what it takes.

Troubleshooting Ductless Mini-split Systems

Are you having problems with ductless mini-split systems? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help with your air conditioning problem. If they don’t work for you, schedule an appointment today with one of our top AC technicians in Santa Fe. Our heating and cooling services in Santa Fe are available 24/7, and no job is too large or small.

Why Doesn't the Mini-split Turn On?

If the ductless mini-split doesn’t come on, check to ensure it has power. You should make sure you haven’t tripped the breaker. If it shows that it’s got power, make sure there are no odd codes on your display.

Read through the owner’s manual to find out what error messages might mean. Then, call your local heating and cooling company in Santa Fe. Lobo Tech Ductless can send a technician to find the problem and correct it.

How Often Does a Mini-split Take to Defrost?

If your ductless mini-split unit offers air conditioning and heating abilities, you should see it defrost in the wintertime when outdoor temperatures in Santa Fe are lower.

Most units operate when it’s -10 degrees Fahrenheit and are set up so that you don’t notice the defrost cycle. Therefore, if you see that it’s defrosting and the ductless mini-split isn’t heating for that reason, call us for support, and we can send one of our technicians to your home immediately.

Why Is the Mini-split Not Blowing Out Cold Air?

A ductless mini-split often stops blowing out cooled air when you have a clogged air filter. You require regular filter maintenance to prevent that from happening. Generally, you don’t have inconsistent air conditioning, and your AC runs at its best efficiency. Therefore, you save money on energy bills. However, if the filter cleaning isn’t enough, we can send a heating/cooling tech to the Santa Fe area to assist.

Why Is the Ductless Air Conditioner Dripping out Water?

The primary cause of leaks for Santa Fe ductless mini-split systems is a clogged condenser line. They help condensation drain from the freezer coils away from the unit. Call Lobo Tech Ductless to request a heating/cooling specialist to visit your home to unclog it.

Is There Mold in the Ductless Air Conditioner?

A ductless mini-split that’s been maintained properly rarely grows mold. You may call us in Santa Fe for a check-up if you’re worried about mold growth.

Why Choose Lobo Tech Ductless

Everyone wants a comfort system that meets all of their heating and cooling needs. Overall, a ductless mini-split in Santa Fe is the best way to get air conditioning into older homes.

It’s important to choose the right Santa Fe company to assist with ductless mini-split installation and repair. We offer excellent service and can provide a replacement to a current system, repair something, or focus on a new installation. Heating and air conditioning are all we do, and our technicians are experts! Call for a quote today!

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