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6 Tips for DIY Hvac Maintenance to Lower Repair Costs

Your HVAC system actually works harder than your car. It tirelessly works even in the summer when you don’t need as much heating. It definitely needs routine maintenance to keep it running well because if not, the cost of repairs will be substantial.

Here are six tips for DIY HVAC maintenance to lower costly repairs:

1. Observe Your HVAC Carefully

Pay attention to it if you hear rattling, thumping, grinding, or buzzing with your system. It could mean an issue with one of the units, or the heating and cooling aren’t as strong as they should be. It could also mean the thermostat is acting up. Moreover, if you find puddles around your indoor unit, check to see the potential cause.

2. Pay Attention to any Energy Bills

When it’s hot outside, the demand for cooling is high. When you notice your bill is significantly higher than usual, do a little digging. If there’s a comfortable temperature in your house, the system shouldn’t be working as hard as it is. It could mean you need a repair. To avoid this, try using a programmable thermostat to schedule your cooling at an optimal time.

 3. Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

If you reside in a very hot or humid area, a seasonal checkup from a professional can keep your system running smoothly. Look for any part of your system that may need to be cleaned or maintained. Get it done as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs.

4. Clean the Air Filter and Vents

Air filters are essential for the HVAC system. They keep the air in your house clean and clear. If the filter is dirty when you turn the system on, it can cause the system to shut down. If the filter is dirty outside of the system, it can cause the fan to struggle and use more energy than it should. As such, avoid clogged filters by keeping them clean. 

In addition, vacuuming the vents often helps to keep dust and dirt from building up and obstruct airflow. Check the airflow routinely to ensure that it’s not weak. If you notice inadequate airflow, contact us to schedule an HVAC service technician to check it out as soon as possible.

5. Clean the Outside Unit 

It is easy to forget about the outside unit of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, but it plays just as important as the indoor unit. Check these components to ensure that the unit is free of leaves, twigs, or debris. 

Trim back plants and shrubs at least three feet from the unit to allow proper airflow. Wipe down the unit to get rid of dirt and grime, then wash off any bird droppings with a gentle spray from a garden hose.

6. Schedule an Appointment for HVAC Maintenance 

It would be beneficial for your HVAC system if you set up regular appointments for maintenance. By getting regular checkups you get to spot any issues before they become big problems. Additionally, you’ll avoid costly repairs, and you can save on your energy bills!


An HVAC preventive maintenance plan guarantees that you won’t miss out on the benefits of having your equipment serviced annually. Often, the cost of a service plan will be less than the price of HVAC repairs.

It is better to avoid the cost of a repair and keep your air conditioner or heat pump system running for years to come.

At Lobo Tech, we provide high-quality HVAC and plumbing services at reasonable pricing. Contact us immediately if you need HVAC repair services in Santa Fe today!

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