Boiler Repair

7 Telltale Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Over time, all pieces of equipment undergo wear and tear. While some machines or appliances—like your furnace or refrigerator—may be more susceptible to regular breakdowns, boilers can also become damaged or require servicing.

Now, if you fail to maintain or have your boiler looked at regularly, it will eventually break down or malfunction. It may sound like a minor problem at first, but if the problem is left untreated, it will ultimately lead to an unneeded repair—one that will cost you more than if only you had called for maintenance in the first place. To avoid all that, we’ve compiled a list of warning signs to tell you that your boiler needs to be looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

Increased Fuel Bills

One of the main reasons why boiler repairs are needed is because of an increase in fuel consumption. Your boiler may be consuming more fuel because its burner is not burning at the right temperature or because it is not burning well at all. To help you determine if you are experiencing an increase in fuel consumption, you can do a simple test by keeping a record of fuel consumption and comparing it with previous months.

Rumbling and Rattling Sounds 

Another sign of boiler malfunction is the loud vibration or rumbling noises. Regardless of whether the sounds are coming from your furnace or boiler system, it is imperative that you contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible. These sounds may indicate that your system is working improperly, which will not only result in high-energy bills but in severe boiler damage as well.

Clogs and Water Leaks

If you are experiencing clogs and water leaks from your boiler, then there is a good chance that your system is not getting enough air. Over time, the accumulation of dust, internal rust, and other debris may clog the burner, making it hard for the flame to breathe. Be sure to call in a professional to check your boiler if you are experiencing clogs and water leaks.

Excessive Condensation and Dirty Flues

Most boiler problems often occur due to a faulty flue and the combustion chamber. When this happens, it produces excessive condensation in your home and also leads to a dirty flue. To check if there is a buildup of condensation or soot, simply look for stains or soot on your ceiling or walls. If you can’t spot anything, then you can simply light a match and hold it near the flue outlet. If the flame flickers or produces a funny smell, then your flue is clogged and requires cleaning or repair.

Low Water Pressure

Boiler repairs are sometimes needed if the pressure of hot water coming out of your taps is low. You may need to contact a professional if this continues for a couple of weeks. If the situation is left untreated, it will eventually lead to more water pressure issues and, eventually, an increase in your energy bills.

Inconsistent or No Heat

If you are experiencing inconsistent heat or no heat at all, then your boiler may be damaged or malfunctioning. A damaged or malfunctioning boiler means that your boiler is not producing enough heat to satisfy its heating demands. In this situation, your boiler will consume more fuel to make up for the difference, which will eventually cause an increase in your energy bills.

Impaired Boiler Flow

A good indication that your boiler needs repairs is if it is not operating at full capacity. This is because boiler systems are designed to perform a set number of cycles depending on the size of your boiler. If your boiler is not running at the right temperature all the time, then you might be experiencing impaired flow.


If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your boiler, then you should contact a professional immediately. Once you have an expert check your boiler, they can tell what the problem could be and what’s causing it. Only then will you be able to have your boiler repaired and fixed so it can perform well again.

For any heating or cooling-related problems, trust only the experts from Lobo Tech. We are a team of plumbing and HVAC pros offering a comprehensive lineup of repair and maintenance services. Whenever you need boiler repair and installation in Santa Fe, don’t hesitate to contact us. Request a service today!

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