Backed-Up Sewer Lines?

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Sewer Repair in Santa Fe

Providing Maintenance for Your Septic System

The sewer and septic system on your property requires frequent maintenance to keep them in excellent shape. If they go without maintenance for too long, small issues can develop and become more expensive and potentially damaging. At Lobo Tech, we can provide you with comprehensive plumbing services in Santa Fe including the repair and maintenance of your sewer and septic system. We are dedicated to providing you with reliable service, upfront pricing, and accurate timeframes.

Let a plumber in Santa Fe from Lobo Tech take care of your sewer and septic needs. Call us today at 505-316-4231 for a quote.

Dependable Sewer & Septic Services

If you are experiencing a stoppage in your sewer line, it can lead to serious problems and contamination if ignored. It is important that you hire a professional Santa Fe plumber to evaluate the problem and determine what the course of action should be. If you are having an emergency problem, you can rely on us to show up 24/7 and take care of the repair on an immediate basis.

Signs You May Have A Damage Or Broken Sewer Pipe Include:

  • Your toilets have little to no water
  • Your toilet is making weird noises
  • Your bathtub is draining slowly
  • Your tub or toilet has sewage backup
  • Your property smells of sewage

Regular Sewer Cleaning is Recommended

Due to the immense amount of use that sewer pipes endure, sewer clogs are almost always being formed in your pipes as time goes by. The best way to keep your drain and sewer lines operating at full capacity is to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Our Santa Fe plumbing repair experts do not recommend using commercial drain cleaning chemicals because of the damage these can do to your pipes. By preventing clogs from forming in your pipes, you are preventing worse damage from occurring to your sewer system.

Is It Time to Replace My Sewer Line?

For pipes with pinhole leaks or relatively minor damage, spot repairs may be sufficient to repair your sewer pipe problems. However, if your line has sustained serious damage, has not received maintenance, or is nearing its expected lifespan, you are going to need to replace it.

Reasons You may need to replace your line:

  • Age of your home: If your sewer system is 50 years old, you may need to replace a clay pipe sewer system. If your system is made of iron pipes, you may need to replace it after 75 years.
  • Severe root problems: If tree roots have been growing inside or around your sewer pipes for a long period of time unchecked, they can do irreparable damage. This is partly why sewer cleaning is important.
  • Ground movement: If your home has settled and moved the ground around your sewer, this could damage or break the pipes. The natural shifting of ground can also can also break sewer lines.
  • Corrosion: Sometimes chemicals in the surrounding soil will cause pipe materials to degrade faster than normal. Pouring damaging substances down a sewer line can also corrode them faster than normal.

Sewer Line Replacements in Santa Fe

The exact solution we offer will depend on what we find during our inspection. For example, if you have newer pipes that have experienced slight damage, our Santa Fe plumbing repair technicians may suggest a partial replacement. Or if you just have a minor obstruction, we may be able to clear them out and replace one damaged section. However, if your pipes are outdated, we will likely recommend total replacement.

Give Lobo Tech a call today at 505-316-4231 to make an appointment for sewer line services in Santa Fe.



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