Santa Fe AC Repair

Beat the Heat with Lobo Tech

Are you feeling the summer heat because your air conditioner has broken down? Let Lobo Tech help your home become cool and comfy again! We offer top-tier AC repairs in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas that you can rely on day or night. No matter what the issue is, our qualified technicians have the equipment and expertise to accurately diagnose the problem and provide the right solution. We don’t settle for quick fixes or just an okay job—we always do the job right to make sure you will have a reliable air conditioning system all year long.

Lobo Tech is available 24/7 for emergency AC repairs. Call us at 505-316-4231!

When to Call for Repairs

An air conditioner that’s blowing only warm air clearly needs a repair. The same is true when the AC is not turning on. However, not all cooling system issues are as obvious as these two examples. Most AC issues start small and subtle, and the earlier you call for repairs, the more you save time and money.

The warning signs below can help tell you when it’s time to call for AC repairs in Santa Fe:

  • Your air conditioner is turning on and off frequently.
  • The air from the AC has a strange odor.
  • The AC is running noisily.
  • There are water leaks around the AC unit.
  • The AC can’t reach the other rooms in your home.
  • You have to wait a long time before your home feels cool.
  • Your home feels unusually humid.

Lobo Tech services all makes and models of air conditioners. Our technicians also carry replacement parts on every repair job to ensure you’ll have a working AC by the time they leave your home.

Preventing AC Issues

Have you ever experienced an AC failure in the middle of a scorching summer day? Trust us—you wouldn’t want to be in that position. This is why we always emphasize the importance of AC maintenance. Yearly inspections and tune-ups of your air conditioner help us catch small issues before they lead to complete system break down. Maintenance also offers benefits such as cleaner indoor air, better system efficiency, lower energy consumption, and longer equipment life.

Dial 505-316-4231 Today

If your AC has suddenly stopped working in the middle of the day or night, remember to call Lobo Tech. Our highly skilled technicians work around the clock, so you won’t have to wait until the next day to get your air conditioner running again. We respond in a timely manner and treat every customer as a VIP.

Contact us anytime you need AC repair in Santa Fe!



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