Baseboard Heating Service in Santa Fe

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Is your existing system failing to keep you and your family comfortable? Or are you looking for a more efficient heating system for your home? At Lobo Tech, we offer the installation, repair, and maintenance of baseboard heating systems. This type of system uses water that is heated in a boiler and then distributed throughout pipes in every room. This is incredibly effective and also works for homes that do not have room for ductwork.

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Why Install a Baseboard Heating System?

Baseboard heating systems (also known as hydronic baseboard heating) offers an economical and clean way to warm spaces in your home. This type of heating system is best to install before construction but can also be installed in a more invasive way during renovations or post-construction. If you are wondering if this system is right for you, our Santa Fe HVAC technicians can meet with you to determine if this is the best selection for your home or if radiant heating might be a better option.

Reasons to consider a baseboard system, include:
  • It provides zone heating
  • It is incredibly energy efficient
  • It can save money on energy bills

Are Baseboard Heaters Efficient?

Baseboard heaters technically operate at 100% efficiency since all the electricity consumed is used to generate heat. Furthermore, since baseboard heaters push air directly into a room instead of through ductwork, there is no energy lost en route from the source like there is with central forced air systems.

Baseboard Heat Repair in Santa Fe

Although routine maintenance can help to reduce the need for repairs, problems may still occasionally rise. With 30 years of experience in the field of HVAC, our experienced Santa Fe baseboard heating service technicians can provide you with the diagnostic and repair services you need. If your system is not functioning at the optimal level or is experiencing specific problems, Lobo Tech can help.

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