How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Humidifier Filters

When it comes to your humidifier, it is important to understand how often you should change the filters for your furnace. In this article, we will explore this issue in more detail.

Why Is It Important to Change Your Humidifier Filters

One of the most important reasons to regularly change your furnace humidifier filters is to prevent mold growth in the system.

Mold ruins the quality of the air inside your home. It also affects the performance of your furnace. This means that the system will not be able to carry out its intended purpose. However, this can be prevented if you change your humidifier filters regularly.

Some of the most common signs of a mold problem with your humidifier are the following:

  • A bad odor in the air
  • Foul taste and smell in the air
  • Inadequate humidification
  • Condensation buildup
  • Hard water minerals that form in the water tray

How Often Do I Have to Change My Filters

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to changing your humidifier filters. In fact, this is impacted by several factors. But it is important to at least change the filter of the humidifier once a year. This is because the filters will become clogged over time. As a result, they will no longer be able to carry out their purpose.

It is also important to note the filters of your furnace humidifier will tend to wear out after a few months. This means that you will need to change them more often.

There are situations in which you will need to change the filters of your furnace humidifier more often. This can happen when the system is used a lot, or when you don’t clean the system regularly.

As a rule of thumb, you should change your humidifier filters when you start to notice reduced performance.

How to Change Your Humidifier Filter

The process of changing the filters of your humidifier is relatively simple. There are, however, a few things you will need to do first.

Step 1: Remove the cap

First, you will need to remove the cap from the humidifier. This is the first step in changing the filters of your humidifier, one that you will need to complete first.

Step 2: Insert the filter

Once you have removed the cap, you will need to insert the filters. Ideally, you will want to use the humidifier’s original filters.

Step 3: Put the cap back in place

Next, you will need to place the cap back onto the unit. This is essentially the final step in the process of changing the filters of your humidifier.

Step 4: Test the unit

Finally, you should test whether the humidifier is working properly. This can be done by testing the pressure gauge.

Here are the other things to keep in mind:

  • Some replacement filters are compatible with more than one type of humidifier. So, you may need to do a bit of research in advance to determine which humidifier is compatible with the replacement filters you purchase.
  • It is important to remove the old filter before you install the new one. However, you will need to allow a few minutes of sediment run-off before you install the new filter.
  • You should clean the system with a mild solution of water and vinegar before you change the filters. Do this to remove the buildup of mineral deposits that can affect the performance of the system.
  • You should also remove the water level float when you change the filters. This will prevent mineral buildup in the float.


Furnace humidifiers are an integral part of your home’s heating and cooling system. If you have a furnace humidifier, you need to change the filters on a regular basis. This will ensure your home stays clean and mold-free.

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