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5 Best Practices in Prolonging the Life of a Home Furnace

On average, a furnace lasts between 15 to 20 years. However, for people who care for and maintain their home heating system, their furnaces may last longer than expected. Therefore, homeowners need to take care of their furnaces and keep them in good working condition to get the entire 20-year life. But what are the best practices in prolonging the life of a home furnace? Here are some examples.

1. Install Programmable Thermostats

Today’s programmable thermostats are easy to use and can give homeowners more control over their home heating system. These thermostats allow homeowners to set the times when they want their heater on and off. Furthermore, these thermostats are equipped with features that can give homeowners an early warning if they are beginning to overheat. Programmable thermostats are also very efficient since they can save a great deal of money on the electricity bill when they lower the room’s temperature.

2. Replace Furnace Filters Frequently

For older furnaces with a separate replacement filter, it is highly recommended that homeowners often replace their filters. A clogged filter can cause problems for a furnace and shorten its lifespan; moreover, if a furnace filter isn’t replaced frequently. In that case, a furnace may work harder and faster to keep a room’s temperature at a comfortable temperature, leading to a quick breakdown.

3. Conduct Annual Maintenance

Conducting home furnace maintenance once a year is a good practice to keep a furnace in good condition. A trained HVAC technician can inspect different parts of a furnace, including the air filter and blower, check the hoses and the pressure switches, and conduct a test run to ensure the furnace is working efficiently. Regular maintenance will ensure that a homeowner will be on top of any minor issues with a furnace.

There are some things that a homeowner can do to keep their furnace in good condition. However, owning a home furnace working within the specified parameter may not be possible if the stove is old. It’s always better to hire a professional contractor to come and check the condition of a furnace before it breaks down.

4. Prevent Air Leaks

Homeowners will want to prevent air leaks in their home furnaces. Air leaks can cause a home heating system to work harder than usual. Air leaks can result from a poorly sealed door or a faulty window. Air leaks can also cause problems with the drywall inside a home. With that said, homeowners should hire a professional contractor to go over the house and seal all air leaks.

5. Get a Professional to Inspect Furnace Filters

If a homeowner is unsure which furnace filter to buy and put on their furnace, it’s best to ask an HVAC professional to come and inspect the furnace. The technician will inspect the furnace and determine whether the furnace filter should be changed or if it’s still good to use.


While home furnaces can last for over 20 years, homeowners should take time and effort to prolong their lives. Maintaining one’s home furnace requires a lot of maintenance. However, if home furnaces are adequately taken care of and carried out, homeowners can get a good return on their investment.

The tips mentioned above will help homeowners extend the life of their furnaces. While furnace filters and programmable thermostats are easy to maintain and replace, homeowners will want to hire HVAC contractors to inspect their heating system and fix any problems with their system.

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